Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Evil Squirrel

This is another picture I took this past Thursday on my little jaunt to the park. The li'l guy looks cute, doesn't he? Don't be fooled. He's evil. Not only is he celebrating his ability to cling upside down to trees and leap from treetop to treetop, but he is thinking all sorts of nasty things about me.

The cool thing about this picture is that I really managed to get this close. My camera does have a zoom, but it's crap, so I rarely use it if I want a decent picture. Back when I was first contemplating purchasing a digital camera, FooDaddy actually recommended a couple, but I found this one for a good price and unwisely went against his advice. Ah, well. This camera has actually been pretty decent, although basic. But I'm also a pretty basic photographer, so perhaps it's a good match. Besides, I like to say that it's not the machine, but the operator that makes the difference. This philosophy would certainly explain why most of my shots end up in the Recycle Bin.


Anonymous said...

So! What kinda camera 'dya get, huh? CrapZoom 3000? the one with the squirrel mindreading attachment?

Cool! Always wanted one o' those.

Mary Horn said...


Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

Dude. Mary Horn's profile mentions a band called "Viscious Grandpa," that she made up. I think that's wonderful.

Jack W. Regan said...

Yes, it was the CrapZoom 3000 and, no, I didn't get the squirrel mind-reading attachment because of the cost. That's also why I purchased the CrapZoom 3000 in the first place. UPDATE: The CrapZoom 3000 has just recently stopped working altogether, so it's now a part of Blog lore. I shall save it for when our own wing opens at the Smithsonian.