Saturday, April 15, 2006


It has been suggested that there should be some guidelines for posting on this Blog. So I began thinking of some. Of course, putting either guidelines or restrictions on a stupid blog would be stupid. On the other hand, wouldn’t that in itself be a reason to put guidelines or restrictions on a stupid blog? Would posters be too stupid to read the guidelines anyway? And if they could read them, would they understand? Would they assume that the poster of the guidelines was merely being stupid and, so, ignore the guidelines altogether? If I posted guidelines, should I include a disclaimer that instructs posters to ignore them, with the logic that they will think I am being stupid and do the opposite? Is it even possible to use reverse psychology on a stupid person? Does it reverse the reverse psychology, thereby causing the stupid person to do the opposite of the opposite? Am I getting totally lost in this post? Yes.

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Jack W. Regan said...

Good point. Although the thought of stupid people twisting in wind they have just broken is a little creepy.

Okay, then we need some guidelines, eh? Hmmm. This could be biggest challenge I've faced since that whole Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria thing. I'll have to think about it. Perhaps FooDaddy will come up with something.