Sunday, April 09, 2006

An Historical Event Unfolds!

Okay. First off, look at my post's title. Consider the word "history". Whether you put "a" or "an" before it kind of depends on how you, personally, pronounce the word, doesn't it? If you say "hiss-tory," then it's "a". If you say "'istory," then "an" is the more properer. If you're a writist, then these things stand out.

So begins the historic first post of me; my entry into the public domain. This Internet thing the kids are so fond of nowadays. I'm an expert in the area of nonsense, yet so long have I kept it to myself, and these words, these magical words, mark the toppling of a great wall. I'm going to share it with you, dear time-waster.


Hey, it's just a blog. You'll have to allow me a little ceremony, though. Why? You really haven't a choice, unless you go read some other blog. Which would mean missing out on all the wonderful nonsense Craig and I are planning to cook up for this one. Why don't you bookmark this page? Yes. Look, I'm just trying to help you out here. You came here looking for entertainment, you shall have it, and in order to keep your system from sudden deprivation-triggered crashes, it'd be a good idea to have our Blog close at hand.

Decree Number One: Our Blog will henceforth demand capitalization of the word "blog". Because I swear...we're going to provide the ONE place on the whole freaking Internet where you can read text that is neatly organized into sentences complete with periods, commas and those wonderful biggish letters you get when you hold down a "Shift" key. So enjoy our Blog.

Decree Number Two: "Blog" is a goofy word. It's the sound I make when I find that my Cherry Coke's gone flat. It's the sound retarded frogs make. It's a metasyntactic variable. Use it anywhere, dear time-waster. Anywhere.

To close, I will add a picture of my cat. More to come!

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Jack W. Regan said...

An 'istorical event it is, indeed. Other Stupids will weep at their inferiority.