Sunday, February 04, 2007

Movie Lines That Almost Were

These are all lines from movie scripts that were either cut out or edited for the final draft of the screen play. Just think how much more memorable some of these films would have been, had the directors kept their dirty paws out of it.

1. “Play it again, Rodney.”

2. “The name’s Bach. Johann Bach.”
3. “Go ahead. Make my kilt.”
4. “May the horse be with you.”
5. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a wombat.”
6. “I coulda had gas! I coulda been a Pretender!”

These are just a few quotes I think should have remained in the script, and would have, without the directors' perpetual tampering. There are countless other examples, however. Perhaps you blogsters can come up with even more!


Raymond Betancourt said...

How about these:

"Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was doodie killed the beast."

"Help me, I'm alone with Kobe; you're my only hope."

"I love the smell of lip balm in the morning. It smells like hickory."

I blame my inner child for that first one.

Jack W. Regan said...

Yeah, there ya' go, Drive-By! I love this line especially, "...It smells like hickory." I'm going to use that all the time, at very inappropriate moments.

Wife: "Honey, did you get the mail?"
Me: "Yes. It smells like hickory."

Waiter: "And how is the turtle soup, sir?"
Me: "It smells like hickory."

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. Thank you for that :)

Anonymous said...

"Show me the Bunny!"

"You want the can't handle the juice"

Jacob Nordby said...

I tried to do some good lines from The Big Lebowski for you, but all of the best words kept getting blocked by my control freak pardners here.

Well, here's a good one spake by John Goodman's character (Walter):

"Do you see what happens, Larry?! Do you see what happens?! Do you see what happens when you _________ a stranger in the _______?!!!" This was being screamed whilst John Goodman was smashing a shiny new corvette with a crowbar.

Sorry, I just realized that there aren't any clever puns in there. I'll have to work on learning how to pun.