Sunday, July 02, 2006

Summer TV

I grew up without TV. that that has settled in a bit, I'll rat out a fellow blogger. The Stupid Blogger also grew up with out TV.

So, that means Mr. Stupey here and I missed (let's see if I can remember some real shows) such refined stuff as Beavis & Butthead, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and any of the Star Wars-ish stuff (Star Trek, etc.). I was fascinated by the stories that other kids would tell of their excursions into TV fantasy-land. Of course, as soon as my parents discovered that I was talking to "other kids", I would be locked away with a big volume of Nathaniel Hawthorne or something. Wouldn't do to get exposure to those bad, dirty people "out there".

Anyway, I have done my best to catch up since I DO have a TV now. Actually, you fair and intelligent readers would probably disagree that I have TV. I have steadfastly refused to accept any of literally thousands of attractive offers I have received for Cable. That's right. I still enjoy what TV I watch via the amazing technology of bunny ears. Sucks when I want to see things on Channel 6, but...I am an anachronism, what can you say?

So, what else sucks is summertime TV. I get pretty excited about The Apprentice and (be still my heart!) 24. I love American Idol and will even enjoy Medium and Crossing Jordan. But, it looks to me like the gods of television conspire to make it as thunderously dull and repetitive during the summer as possible. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe I will take care of my house and get some &%*^(%@# exercise.

It still doesn't seem fair and I object.

Hey, Stupid Blogger, now that your nasty little secret is out (no, NOT the one about you being gay--I promised not to tell that and I haven't), do you think some people will rub their chin(s) and say, "ah...that DOES explain a few things..."?

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Jack W. Regan said...

Yes, can't be talking with the "other kids." That line cracked me up, because it is all too true. Musn't be tainted.

Also interesting that many of the people I know who claim that there is "nothing worth watching" are the same people who never have. Of course, a lot of those people also consider mini golf to be racy entertainment, so...

I don't think your revelation will answer too many of the questions people have about me, since most of the major questions are nothing more than vague unease about how I have managed to remain a freely roaming member of society.