Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dance Quickie

This post's gonna be a little shorter than most of my others, and this is good news for those of you with short attention spans.

Hey! Get back here! Put those cookies down! Turn your monitor back on.

That's better.

Now, the title of this post implies dancing. There was dancing. There was also cake and tuxedos. Yep! You guessed it! I was elected President of the United States!

Oh ho ho! I'm just kidding, time-wasters. I attended a wedding between my buddy Tim and his fiance Katie. It was a good wedding, except for the dense wool suitcoat I had to wear. The coat itself was fine, really, if it had been 60 degrees in the chapel. Unfortunately it was more like 90. Keep thinking about ice cubes I told myself, and walk-in freezers and frosty pumpkins in November and...Frosty Pumpkins would be a good name for an exotic dancer...and now I'm all hungry...

Then I realized I was scratching myself and had to concentrate on the task at hand, namely, standing up there as a groomsperson. I waved to my fans in the audience. They pretended not to notice.

Oh yeah. Then I danced a tad at the reception. Although I got real tired and headachy toward the end there, I had a great time and didn't make too bigga fool of myself. It was fun. The girlfriend, who'd been giving me a crash-course in swing dancing over the last few days, said she was proud and that I did good. I pouted a little until she gave me a tootsie roll, and promised to hold my hand. I sniffled and said that'd be okay.

And now I must go. Gonna go out and play in the stupid hot weather.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me Pickle Weasel, the only person who is accusing Foo of Satan worship is you. So no matter how many times Foo has been accused it doesn't count cause they all came from you. And since you are the only one doing the accusing I don't think (i believe most will agree) that the accusations aren't credible at all.

Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

Yeah? Right now I'm asking Satan to give you car trouble, Weasel of Pickles. Should I have as strong a link with the Dark One as you suggest, your car ought to be catching fire shortly. You will also suffer itches in extremely inconvenient areas of your body.

Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Jack W. Regan said...

"extremely inconvenient areas of your body." Hehe. I can just see P.W. in a business meeting trying to make a point to his associates, while assiduously clawing at...well, I shan't get graphic.

Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

Sure does seem to know a lot about Satan, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

sure does.