Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey, Stupid...don't tell FooDaddy

Hey, Stupid Blogger...

PLEASE don't tell FooDaddy--this is, like, just between you, me and the Old Man here--but I don't think he is pulling his weight.

It's REALLY important that he still thinks I like him, but I really get just so tired of his prima donna attitude. I mean, Foo Daddy thinks he can just swank on in here any time he pleases, make a few snarky comments and then not even show up again for weeks!

He also thinks so much of those brainless little fluff balls of his--I mean the cats. That just goes to show that he must be an atheist. God didn't create cats and doesn't like them. Foo is either an atheist or a Satan worshipper.

So, anyway, we gotta' still act like everything's cool, but first chance we get, I think we need to broom the Foo.


Anonymous said...

NO! NO! You may not give Foo the broom.
I happen to like the Foo and his Foo cats. Besides He hasn't deserted us for a stuck up part of the country. He actually hangs out with us from time to time. So no you can't broom him or you will start having some bad luck in your life. Have a wonderful day Weasel.

Anonymous said...

You’re full of prunes, you little Weasel. If you must go about insulting people, at least do some homework and get your facts straight. You claim that FooDaddy is not pulling his weight on this here blog of yours. Upon inspection of past posts I have come up with a few statistics. Since you were added as a contributor to this blog, Stupid has posted 35 times, Foo 21, and you, you vicious sourpuss, have posted 7 times. Just WHO is not pulling their weight? Eh? Speak up there? Can’t deny it, can you? As for me, I believe we should start a FooDaddy Fan Club.

Jack W. Regan said...

I think Weasel would probably argue that, since he feels that his posts are higher in value, then they should qualify for a higher score per post. :0) (See the cute little face?)

Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

Heh heh. Broom. That's funny, in a --HEY!

Try to impeach me, willya? Well, I'll have you know I have a perfectly good excuse for not posting in awhile. I've even got a perfectly good BACKUP excuse, too.

I broke my laptop, bought a new one, and then found out that my old one cured itself overnight. The strangeness of that situation kinda blew my mind, and I figured a short hiatus while I reset all the breakers was in order.

So ha.

You tell 'em, Wifey and Muppers. I dedicate this rant to you both.