Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zeton from Q15 here to steal Uncle Craig's Brain

Stupid's from your favorite Nephew


Jack W. Regan said...

There's a reason why your mission was a failure, Zeton. I learned long ago that my brain would be in high demand, yea, even coveted. I therefore devised a clever method of protection.

During the times when I am not actively using my brain, which is most of the time, I keep it hidden in a top secret location. Ah, but you're probably thinking that I forgot where I put it, aren't you? No! I took the precaution of drawing a detailed map, showing the exact location of the hidden wealth.

Of course, to be absolutely certain the secret location was safe from crazed aliens hailing from distant and alphanumerically-titled planets, I tore up the map. If I can't have my brain, no one else can, either! Moohahahahaaaaahahaaaaaa! *cough*

Jacob Nordby said...

geez....looks like Uncle Buggy lost his brain and the whole Blog of Stupid died, too!

Forsooth and to wit, and stuff