Thursday, December 20, 2007

Beth Prevails


Jacob Nordby said...


The Dude is, PROUD, man!

(try to imagine that sentence spoken in the SoCal stoner accent of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski)

Next time we all get together I decree a group Big Lebowski viewing. It will take the humor of The Blogostupid to a different layer of the humiverse.

Anyway, that's damn fine bowling, Beth. Notice how I keep avoiding a mention of Craig's performance? There's a reason. I won't discuss it.

Beth, you really need to think about a career in pro-bowling. Unless Craig just kept looping in your strikes, you got the touch, man.

Go rent the Big Lebowski. Don't watch it where there are any small kids or sensitive pets or Sunday School Superintendents crawling about. They won't pull through.

The Dude Abides, man.

Jack W. Regan said...

The whole video is comprised of about 3, maybe 4 shots, all edited in slightly different ways to make them appear, well...different. I went out and got a program, Pinnacle Studio Plus Version 11 to go along with the camcorder. The program rocks, but I'll take it as a testament to my increasing editing skills that one might consider taking the film at face value. Although Beth did end up winning the game, I must admit, but if the pounding had been quite as poundish as the video suggests, I probably wouldn't have posted it. My public would never have stood for it.

Jacob Nordby said...

I think your public may be more bloodthirsty and brutish than you think, Craig. In fact, they would have probably stood for it even more if you had been picked by a large, scary dude and flung bodily down the lane yourself.

Anyways, nicely edited. I am not particularly discerning at times but I liked it.