Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dana Carvey and Something I Can't Resist, dang it!

I wish I could resist posting this link. I can't. It belongs on this site.

I have watched this video about 13 times. I laugh...hard...every single time.

I LOVE Dana Carvey. If you haven't seen his old film Opportunity Knocks, then you are stupid. Oh, but, you are certainly stupid, regardless.

Anyway, watch the movie or I'll come slap your dumb, pimply face.


Stupid Woman Driver said...

curse this computer for lacking Flash Player!!!

Anonymous said...

[puts down pipe] Nordbeh, I wawnt tew thenk yew-- yes, THENK yew for reminding us oll, but meostly me, how funneh that skitlet is. I eown the DVD that inclyudes said skit, and I, son of misahry thet I am, I have beene neglecting it.[rises from overstuffed chesterfield] No moah! Chewdeh, [adjusts monocle] lahfta, yes, lahfta sh'll rule in this 'ouse, none othah! [extinguishes silk smoking jacket with soda spritzer, adjusts lifesize portrait-in-oils of Robert Benchley on back wall, spins around thrice, exits stage right. Curtain.]