Saturday, September 22, 2007

You know what makes me mad?

This is me working hard at being wrathful. Are you scared yet?

(I'm hoping that you'll join me by posting some of your key gripes):

1). People who sit in their ancient Toyota Tercel picking their noses after a Left Hand turn arrow has clearly turned green.

2). Flies.


4). Opinions loudly stated and dogmatically held no matter what evidence exists to the contrary.

5). Aliens who abduct (why can't they probe other aliens who would probably like it a lot?)

6). FooDaddy's cat

hmm...the list is quite a bit shorter than I would have thought.

Maybe you can help me out.

Pickle Weasel


Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

How about people who shamelessly promote themselves in someone else's space.

By the way, check out my new Question Blog at!

Jacob Nordby said...


I thought your first one would be, "People who waste our precious, stupid brain cells with short and meaningless posts"

I will check it out.

Pick Almighty

Jack W. Regan said...

Ah, one of my favorite subjects! Sadly, my list of gripes is too long for a comment, so I'll have to write a full post. Be back later.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand people that talk on their cell phones constantly. For example, when they are at the check out counter and the poor cashier can't even tell them their total cause the person on the stupid phone doesn't have enough manners or courtesy to hang up until they are outside.
I have more but for the sake of space I will refrain.

Paul FooDaddy Brand said...

People who lay claim to the title "Center of Attention" when I'm clearly more qualified.


Smug children.

People who act like they know everything despite all evidence to the contrary.

Odious old men who want to hug you.

Wait, that last one...considering my life's goals, it's kinda hypocritical. It shall be stricken from the record.

Jacob Nordby said...

Too late, Foo.

Tell me more about this goal of yours?

You WANT to be hugged by odious elders?

Or YOU want to be a hug-prone Odious One?

Which is it?


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth-- Is it me, or does that photo make him look like a varsity fullback trying to remember how to spell "potato"?

Or is it him?

Anonymous said...

Ummm....It's him

Anonymous said...

Ah. But he looks like a very kindhearted varsity fullback trying to remember how to spell "potato".

He also appears to be someone who is irrationally enraged by individual potatoes who don't pull their own weight.

By the way, we're embarking on a Benchley binge over here, and I don't mean the kitten but the writer of whom the kitten is the namesake. You and the Fighter of Stupid Crime are welcome to jump in and join us, the dementia praecox is fine. And congrats on the office job. Very timely.

Jacob Nordby said...

Actually, Ol' Pappy CrackPipe,

I'm a champion speller--or was at one time.

Also, back in my heyday I could read about 1,800 words per minute with an 85% comprehension rate.

Hmm...old Pick is a little sensitive about the stupid fullback remarks. That's interesting :)